R&D Center


We have the technical teams graduated from domestic professional disciplines of fragrance and flavor, also with advanced analytical equipment GC-MS. We rely on the good reputation in the industry, established the R&D base with Shanghai Institute of Technology University. Adhere to innovation and enhance the core competitiveness. Insight through the market and with excellent identification ability, we have the key technology of developing new products independently.
SUZHOU FIRMENICH AROMATICS CO., LTD. was established by Dongwu and Firmenich, Switzerland from 1992 to 2004. Since that time through the cooperation and communication with the foreign firms, our company has been promoted on manufacturing and innovating further for over ten years. The joint venture had exploited the internal market in China and enjoyed the prestige in flavor and fragrance field under the supports of Firmenich, specially improving management and skill in correspondence with the international standard.