Marketing Area


The marketing center is divided into three departments in East China district, South China district, North China and the western region, taking charge of market and sale of East district, South district and West as well as North district one respectively. The talents, working as our mainstay at home, created proud achievements for us yesterday; and now, they have created more perfect sales network for domestic fragrances and flavors guided by service concept of “take users as root and service primacy”, as well as the management concept of “stable price, stable quality and stable supplier”.

       Dongwu and Firmenich had more than ten years’ history of joint venture. Nowadays, we are still as a major distributor and also OEM for Firmenich products. Furthermore, we are keeping improving the R&D capabilities and quality for our own brand LANLING products.

       From the products “Firmenich” to “LANLING” and from innovating to selling, everything is demonstrating the renovation consciousness of products and predictive insight on market. So far Dongwu has the sales networks distributing to eastern and southern parts, from south to north in China. There are an office and an agency in Guangzhou and Tianjin. Our sales team have been working, providing honest 、credit、professional and considerate service to the client, and making efforts to sell our best flavor and fragrance on the markets.