Purchase Department

Purchase center takes charge of buying raw materials for our company, and firstly, I’ll acknowledge those who support us and cooperate with us both at home and abroad for many years, and we are willing to establish wider business contact with more suppliers, and create win-win through our friendly cooperation;

  Our company pays attention to bargain and keeps credit, takes mutual benefit and long cooperation as our tenet.

  Those natural and compound materials we purchased are for production in our company. With the development of our company’s business, we have an increasing requirement of various raw materials at high speed, both domestic and foreign friends are welcome to keep in touch with us.

Product name and specification

Product name and specification

Natural Material
Eucalyptus oil 80% Peppermint Oil Piperita
Citronella oil 35/85 M.C.K
Geranium oil 7% Cedryl Methyl Ether
Eucalyptus Oil Ex-camphor 80% Wintergreen Oil
Eucalyptus Oil Ex-camphor 80% Vetiver oil
Eucalyptol 99.5% Patchouli Oil
Spearmint Oil 60% Rosemary oil
Spearmint Oil 80% Lemon Grass Oil
Litsa Cubeba 75% Sage Oil
Anethol 99.5% Pine Oil 50%-65%
Star Aniseed Oil 89% Teatree Oil
Cassia Oil 90% Linalool
Eucalyptus Oil Citriodora 75% Valerian oil
Cedarwood Oil Perfumary Mandarline Oil
Cedarwood Oil B.P.C Turpentine Oil
Ginger Oil FCC Alpha pinene
Garlic Oil FCC Beta pinene
Lavender Oil Chim Camphor Powder

Synthetic Material
Vanillin Styrallyl Acetate
Ethyl Vanillin Terpinyl Acetate
Synthetic Camphor Powder Musk
Coumarin Benzyl propionate
Mathol β-Naphthyl ethyl ether
Ethyle Mathol β-Naphthyl methyl ether
Phenylethanol α-Naphthyl Ethyl Ether
Benzyl alcohol Raspberry Ketone
Linalyl acetate Methyl Cyclopentenolone
Tricyclo decenyl Acetate Methyl salicylate
Isoamyl acetate Methyl ionone delte
Benzyl acetate Methyl anthranilate
Phenethyl acetate Iso-Bornyl Acetate
Ethyl acetate Borneol Flakes
Anisyl Acetate